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  • What makes Boost different from other traditional gyms?
    Get us right, Boost has everything regular gyms offer and much more. What we offer is a completely new and unique form of training within our industry. By testing each person who trains with us, we can tailor the training to individual goals, for everyone who wants a healthier lifestyle with measurable results! Our patented training equipment from EGYM is intelligent and is adapted to the individual to prevent injuries and wear and tear on the body. At the same time, EGYM provides motivating and effective training where 16 minutes of training is enough. When you train with us, you get your own personal trainer who motivates, gives advice on diet and exercise and holds monthly follow-ups so that you reach your goal effectively and safely.
  • How can 16 minutes of exercise be enough? It sounds too good to be true…
    Boost Health Club uses high-tech and efficient equipment from EGYM. The machines are specially designed to make it effective and easy to train for everyone, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete. It may sound crazy that 16 minutes would be enough but the fact is that it is actually true! Thanks to the advanced technology, where the machines and the resistance are completely adapted to your conditions, you train the whole body effectively in just 16 minutes. Of course, you can train more and longer if you want, we have all the conditions!
  • How does a trial training take place?
    During a trial training session, which is also completely free of charge, we show our facility, present our concept and let you try out our high-tech training machines. A test training takes about 60 minutes. All you need to bring with you are training clothes, training shoes and a happy mood! At Boost, towels, hair and skin care products, breakfast Monday-Friday, coffee/tea/water and fruit are included.
  • How much does a membership with you cost?
    With us you get the latest technology in training and a personal trainer who follows you and your development. You receive regular follow-ups where you e.g. conduct body analysis to ensure you are on track towards your fitness goals. The training takes place in a luxurious training environment without crowds thanks to a limited number of members per facility, which gives us the opportunity to guarantee high, personal service. Contact us via chat, email or phone if you want to find out about our memberships and ongoing campaigns!
  • What is included in the training membership at Boost?
    The training membership includes unlimited training during all opening hours at all facilities.In addition to that, it includes your own personal trainer, regular follow-ups and body analyzes with, among other things, the InBody 770, diet and exercise advice from your personal trainer, breakfast Monday – Friday, towels, skin and hair care products, coffee/tea/water and fruit.And the Boost feeling of course!
  • My partner also wants to start training on Boost (of course!). Do you get a discount then?
    Hey guys! If several members from the same household train with us, each family member receives a SEK 300 discount.Inform your personal trainer who will help you enter the discount.
  • What does a body analysis and Inbody 770 mean?
    At Boost we use the InBody 770 regularly to follow your progress. InBody 770 measures body composition using bioimpedance. It is one of the market's leading and most reliable machines that has a DXA compliance rate of 98.4%. With the help of the InBody, we can, among other things, see your fluid, proteins, minerals, fat mass, muscle mass and muscle balance in the body. Based on these values and your own goals, we can advise on a suitable diet and exercise plan and follow your progress.
  • What does a fitness test mean?
    The fitness test can be carried out on a treadmill, cross trainer or bicycle and we recommend that you do the test on the machine you intend to train fitness on. The test then consists of a maximum of 12 levels, where the intensity increases with each level. Each level lasts 60 seconds and after each completed level you get to grade the level of effort on a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 is no effort and 10 is maximum effort. When you have graded the effort to 9 or 10, the test ends and you get a value of your calculated oxygen absorption capacity, VO2 max. In other words, YOU decide when you want to finish the test, but to get a relevant value for your oxygen absorption capacity, the effort should be maximal. By doing fitness tests regularly, you get fantastic opportunities to increase your oxygen absorption capacity. Based on your fitness test, you get 3 different training programs, completely adapted to your ability, so that you can develop in the best way. We recommend that you do the test regularly, preferably every 7 training sessions
  • What does a strength test mean?
    The EGYM machines are so cleverly developed that the load during your training is determined based on your goal with the training and your maximum strength. By regularly carrying out strength tests in each machine, the load is adjusted so that you always have a relevant resistance and thus constantly develop. You are prompted by the machines to do new strength tests every seventh training session, which we strongly recommend, but you always have your own choice to refrain or do the test more often if desired.
    EGYM Fitness Hub takes member support to a whole new level by meeting three of the most urgent customer needs with a single device. Using the EGYM Fitness Hub, we collect data through an automatic analysis to adjust and adapt all Smarta Strength machines correctly to your physique. Through all Smart tests and measurements, it becomes possible to measure your training progress independently, even without an instructor present, enabling early tracking of progress - for that extra motivation. Understanding training progress is an important factor in staying on track. Fitness Hub visualizes every performance – providing tangible progress updates right on the training floor.
  • What kind of training equipment do you have besides EGYM machines?
    Boost concept is mainly based on exercise machines from EGYM, but here there is something for everyone. At the facilities, which in and of themselves differ little from each other, there are fitness machines such as treadmills, bicycles, rowing machines, cross trainers and ergoskis. In addition, we have a smaller free area with equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, rubber bands, plyobox, rope, rib chair (incl. chin grip), medicine balls, etc.
  • What do you do during a follow-up when you are a member?
    In order for us to see that you develop and meet your goals, you and your personal trainer do regular follow-ups. During a follow-up, we measure your body composition using the InBody 770, perform a mobility test on the Egym hub, fitness test on our cardio machines, check your blood pressure and resting heart rate, measure your waist/hip ratio and discuss your results and further measures regarding exercise, diet and lifestyle.
  • What times is breakfast served and what does it consist of?
    At Boost we serve breakfast on weekdays between 06:30 and 09:30. Of course it is included in your membership! The breakfast is in the form of a continental breakfast that is carefully prepared so that you get nutritious content and what the body needs to get a good start to the day. Breakfast consists of eggs, kefir, soy yogurt, berries, seeds, coconut, granola/muesli, bread, cold cuts, fruit, coffee and tea. Sometimes we throw in an extra treat - just because! Hope you like it!
  • Can I choose a personal trainer myself?
    Generally, it is the personal trainer who takes care of you from the very beginning who becomes your personal trainer. But of course we want you to be satisfied and happy, so if you have a request for another personal trainer, we will do everything we can to accommodate your request.
  • Do I always have to train with a personal trainer?
    No, of course not! Your personal trainer is there to support, encourage and help you to make your training experience as good as possible and to achieve your goals. It is also your personal trainer who makes regular follow-ups with you to check that everything is going in the right direction.
  • Are you always open?
    Yes, almost! We are open at all facilities, every day of the week. The only days we are actually closed are Christmas Day, New Year's Day and Midsummer Day. See info on the website to see exact opening hours at your particular facility. Opening hours in Nacka Strand Opening hours in Hagastaden
  • Can you freeze your membership?
    You absolutely can if the accident were to happen, during pregnancy or if you are going to work or study elsewhere. We ask you for a certificate from a doctor or employer to prove this. You pay the membership as usual during the freezing period and get the time credited when you are back.
  • I have a training card with a binding period remaining at another training chain, but would very much like to start training with you immediately. How do I?
    Start by talking to your personal trainer and we'll see if we can help you a little on the trot.
  • Is naprapath treatment or massage treatment included in my membership?
    Yes, treatments are included in the Exclusive membership.
  • How many members do you take in?
    We have a limited number of members - all so that we can maintain a high level of personal service and you will not be crowded. The limit is between 300 and 400 members depending on the facility.
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