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DNA test for diet and exercise

We at Boost strive for constant development to take training to the next step. 
By testing each person who trains with us , we can tailor training to individual goals, for anyone who wants a healthier lifestyle with measurable results!


But what is the next step?


Your genes affect how you react to different diet and exercise 


A good diet and physical activity are important parts of living a healthy life. The right diet and exercise can help us achieve optimal body function, reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of disease and promote overall health. With a good diet and exercise, we become emotionally more stable and healthier!  

With Dynamic Code's unique DNA test BODY, you gain valuable knowledge about your genetic conditions and how to best adapt your diet, exercise and lifestyle. 

Dina gener påverkar hur du reagerar på olika kost och träning 

A unique DNA test 


Based on the latest research findings that give you a personalized answer with information about the genetic conditions that can interact with your diet and exercise.

BODY consists of two parts - NUTRITION and TRAINING


Our unique DNA test BODY consists of two parts - NUTRITION and TRAINING. You can choose to either buy the whole BODY test or one of the two parts if you want to focus extra on diet or exercise. Read more about what the different parts contain below. 




A good diet is an important part of living a healthy life. Different gene variations can mean that the same nutrient in food has different effects in different individuals.

In the NUTRITION part of the test, we examine the following categories: 

  • Fetter 

  • Carbohydrates 

  • Antioxidants 

  • Caffeine 

  • Stress and sleep 

TRAINING - focus on training and genes 


Physical activity is an important part of living a healthy life. Gene variations can mean that we perform differently in different training contexts, and that the effect of the same training differs between different individuals.

In the TRAINING part of the test, we examine the following categories: 

  • Body weight 

  • Strength and Endurance 

  • Antioxidant protection 

  • Caffeine 

  • Recovery 

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